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SFUNGA Organic Sea Sponge

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Authentic SFUNGA is 100% natural Greek sea sponge. Hand-picked, hand-cleaned, sun-dried and unbleached. 4-4,5″ Honeycomb, Premium Quality with customizable box option for a perfect gift.

SFUNGA sponge is the highest quality sea sponge existing on the world’s market. It cannot be mistaken by its widely sold counterparts that are picked from other seas and are far inferior in quality and durability. SFUNGA sponge is extremely soft and gentle to newborn and adult skin. Its daily use promotes healing due to its deep exfoliation properties.

SFUNGA sponge releases sea salts and minerals into the skin, making it stronger to combat environmental pollution and UV exposure. Your skin will be visibly softer, healthier and more radiant. Daily body washing with SFUNGA sponge can be compared to swimming in the sea. Each sea sponge is carefully hand-picked, hand cleaned and naturally disinfected by sun drying.

We do not use bleach or use any harmful chemicals. Our harvesting process is executed in a way that has no harmful impact on the environment. More we harvest, better the sea sponge colonies thrive. We follow fair trade rules and only use recycling packaging. We do not test on animals. Our sponge is vegan-friendly.

Each box for the natural sea sponge is made from recycled material and hand-decorated @enikeoros, Hollywood movie industry designer. You can customize each box with printed initials or with a short message that will be printed on a card and placed inside the box. The message should be no longer than 250 characters. The box, on its own, offers value. It can be kept as a luxury storage box for cards, jewellery or other small collectables.

100% Natural Sea Sponge is a unique and original gift that can be offered at dozens of occasions: pregnancy parties, baby showers, weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Use for daily face and body wash that cleans and exfoliates deeply and at the same time is being amazingly gentle.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin, newborn babies, children, pregnant women, sensitive surfaces and washing of pets. Can be used as all-natural feminine hygiene tampon, facial makeup removal tool, deep exfoliation, ideal for application of body oils and lotions. See full usage list in the attached leaflet or watch our teaser video here:

This is an Authentic SFUNGA Sponge. Certificate of authenticity is included in the box..

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